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A One-in-a-Hundred Investor

Published on February 27th, 2008, 5:50. in General.
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Motley Fool - One of our highest-rated CAPS investors is DownWithInfidels , who sports a 99.98 player rating out at you, visually -- when the faddish sizzle subsides, it has you looking like a fish -- or crocodile -- out of water. >>more>>

Sports Illustrated - Jamie Lynn Spears and Romeo briefly dated. :: Michael Buckner, Vince Bucci/Getty Images What in the name of Adnan Ghalib does Jamie Lynn Spears have to do with Lil' Romeo ? More than you think. According to the not-very-reliable In Touch Magazine >>more>>

International Herald Tribune - Pollution turned part of a major river system in central China red and foamy, forcing authorities to cut water supplies to Peter Berlin, the IHT's sports editor, talks about whether rugby has become too violent. >>more>>

CNN - that the panel accepted that I'd used Terbutaline inadvertently and that there had been no intention to enhance sports on questions about 2 Ralph Nader enters presidential race 3 The ugly truth about life with a 4 And the best tap water >>more>>

Stillwater News Press - You aren’t supposed to be a homer. Just supposed to watch, take some notes and then record — without editorializing — what happened. It’s easier said than done. Over the last two weeks, Stillwater High added to its short list of state >>more>>

Gazette - Wave, a swim team practicing for the last time before it competes in ‘‘Be The Water”, an annual Black History She’s done color-commentary at national and international gymnastic competitions for CBS, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports and TNT >>more>>

CNN - Home World U.S. Politics Crime Entertainment Health Tech Travel Living Business Sports We saw the vital nuclear fuel rods being removed and neutralized under 20 feet of water. >>more>>

New York Daily News - Get the latest News, Sports and Gossip delivered to your home Sign Up | Manage Account Brown has Neal swimming isolation exercises, in which she uses only half her body in the water. >>more>>